To me, success is choice and opportunity.

-Harrison Ford
Is Harrison Ford One of my favourite actors? Oh hell yes. The Best.
I realised who was him, when I had 11 years old and I watched, for the first time, Raiders of the Lost Ark at the cinema with my family. I watched him at Star Wars, but I was very young to notice him.  Since that movie, I started a true incondicional love and true admiration.  With the time I’m not only a fan of the actor but a an admirer of the person.

This are my five reasons why I truly believe Harrison is amazing!

1. Because he prove it’s never too late for a career change.

He was a carpenter. After his performance in “American Graffiti,” Ford gave up acting for the financial stability of carpentry. That is, until George Lucas came calling about a little movie called “Star Wars.” (
He was 35 years old.
He proved himself as a perseverant person, who was not afraid of make an important career decision after his thirties and with a family to maintain. Is so brave, an inspiration of a lot of persons who are looking for new challenges in professional careers.

2. Top 3 most successful actor at the Box Office.

Worldwide Gross – $6,657,454,464 (

During XX century he was the highest grossing actor in the world, and now is the third one. Franchise like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan in Tom Clancy’s saga and a long etc,  have turned Harrison Ford one of the most profitable actors of all time, not bad!

3. Because he acts “casual”.

If you are a fan of Star Wars you will remember a quote in the Return of Jedi when he answer a question to Chewie:
I don’t know. Fly casual.
Well, when you see acting Harrison Ford, he acts casual. Let me explain myself. A lot of people like to watch movies and recognize the celebrity, no matter the rol, the most important to watch the actor. For me is totally the opposite, I really enjoy the movie when I believe in the character and I forget the celebrity, is a rare quality and makes a difference.  He is great for that, his characters are always credible, either if he plays fantasy or dramatic rol.

4. Harrison Ford knows how to move the hands.

Harrison Ford is the greatest Hand-Actor in the world. Ever. (
Yeah! I know, is a very shallow statement, but is so true. It is his trademark! He knows how to speak with his hands and is so funny, because is like an extension of the dialogues.
I think is very attractive and appealing  and yes very sexi! When you are watching his movies is imposible help but notice his index finger indicate silence, or crossing his hands on his chin to show more interest, or move his hands to concentrate, are many and subtle or direct movements that are impossible to collect in words.

5. To be Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan, Rick Deckard, Allie Fox and John Book among others is amazing!!!

diptic HF3
And finally but not least, because he plays the most amazing movie characters ever.
Admite it, if you are from planet earth you’ve seen at least 5 of his films.
Many of Harrison Ford’s major film roles came to him by default through unusual circumstances: he won the role of Han Solo while reading lines for other actors, was cast as Indiana Jones because Tom Selleck was not available, and took the role of Jack Ryan supposedly due to Alec Baldwin’s fee demands. (wikipedia)

Allow me to include a bonus. Bravest man!

He is a pilot, he does most of the action scenes in his movies (not all, but most), he rescued lost hikers … you need more information?.

Want to watch nice pics of this wonderful actor? Here is my board in Pinterest, dedicated to him


Harrison Ford’s Filmography (wikipedia)

Year Title Role Notes Refs.
1966 Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round Bellhop Uncredited
1967 Luv Irate Motorist Uncredited
1967 A Time for Killing Lt. Shaffer Credited as Harrison J. Ford
1968 Journey to Shiloh Willie Bill Bearden
1968 The Mod Squad Beach Patrol Cop Uncredited
1970 Zabriskie Point Airport Worker Uncredited
1970 Getting Straight Jake
1970 The Intruders Carl TV film
1971 Dan August Hewett Episode: “The Manufactured Man”
1973 American Graffiti Bob Falfa [1]
1974 The Conversation Martin Stett [1]
1975 Judgment Frank Crowder TV film [1]
1976 Dynasty Mark Blackwood TV film
1977 The Possessed Paul Winjam TV film
1977 Star Wars Han Solo [1]
1977 Heroes Ken Boyd
1978 Force 10 from Navarone Lieutenant Colonel Mike Barnsby
1978 The Star Wars Holiday Special Han Solo TV film
1979 Apocalypse Now Colonel Lucas [1]
1979 Hanover Street David Halloran
1979 The Frisco Kid Tommy Lillard
1979 More American Graffiti Bob Falfa Uncredited
1980 The Empire Strikes Back Han Solo [1]
1981 Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones [2]
1982 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial School Principal Deleted scene; uncredited cameo
1982 Blade Runner Rick Deckard [2]
1983 Return of the Jedi Han Solo [2]
1984 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Indiana Jones
1985 Witness Det. Capt. John Book [1]
1986 The Mosquito Coast Allie Fox
1988 Frantic Dr. Richard Walker
1988 Working Girl Jack Trainer [1]
1989 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Indiana Jones [1]
1990 Presumed Innocent Rusty Sabich
1991 Regarding Henry Henry Turner
1992 Patriot Games Jack Ryan [1]
1993 Young Indiana Jones and the Mystery of the Blues Indiana Jones TV film
1993 The Fugitive Dr. Richard David Kimble [1]
1994 Jimmy Hollywood Himself Uncredited cameo
1994 Clear and Present Danger Jack Ryan [1]
1995 Sabrina Linus Larabee
1997 The Devil’s Own Tom O’Meara
1997 Air Force One President James Marshall [1]
1998 Six Days Seven Nights Quinn Harris
1999 Random Hearts Sergeant William ‘Dutch’ Van Den Broeck
2000 What Lies Beneath Dr. Norman Spencer
2002 K-19: The Widowmaker Alexei Vostrikov
2003 Hollywood Homicide Sgt. Joe Gavilan
2004 Water to Wine Jethro the Bus Driver
2006 Firewall Jack Stanfield
2008 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Indiana Jones
2008 Dalai Lama Renaissance Narrator Theatrical documentary
2009 Crossing Over Max Brogan
2009 Brüno Himself Uncredited cameo
2010 Extraordinary Measures Dr. Robert Stonehill
2010 Morning Glory Mike Pomeroy
2011 Cowboys & Aliens Colonel Dolarhyde
2013 42 Branch Rickey [1]
2013 Paranoia Jock Goddard
2013 Ender’s Game Colonel Hyrum Graff
2013 Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues Mack Tannen [3]
2014 The Expendables 3 Max Drummer [4]
2015 The Age of Adaline William Filming [5]
2015 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Han Solo Filming Complete [6]
2017 Blade Runner 2 Rick Deckard Announced [7]