This time it ain’t just about being fast.

-Dominic Toretto.

Fan or not of this franchise, you can’t denying this movie masterfully displays everything you looking in an action movie, and takes this genre to another level, lets have a look:

Great camera shots


Thanks to James Wan, the Director, using CGI masterfully, with imposible camera shots, stunning visual effects and watching in 3D certainly will increase your adrenaline 200%.

Awesome scenes

Awe inspiring stunts, electrifying fight scenes, emotional moments to break to mourn, action sequences that leave you frozen. Impressive and upgraded cars (as always) and beautiful landscapes. You don’t wanna miss a scene of this movie, for sure!

Great cast and characters, good and bad boys equally.

The whole cast is marvellous, good boys  with family as the central axis, Kurt Russell superb and charismatic. Bad guys with Jason Statham at the head of villains just perfect and Tony Jaa and his imposible body movements. A shame that Rodriguez  looks so bland, Gibson as a cliché character, I miss so much Kan (Han), a most interesting and appealing character.

Tribute to Paul Walker


With a metaphorical farewell to the character and the actor, the end of the movie with a voiceover of Vin Diesel, deeply moving. A respectful and heartfelt farewell to this young actor.

Rest in peace Paul.